Tuesday, May 1

More Ikea tricks

Graduated. With honors.
High fives... fist pumps... dancing... etc. 
I am scared/happy/relieved/excited.

Went to Ikea to have a looksie at some desks/table options for project girl den.
Walked by this guy and stopped in my tracks

Vittsjo shelving unit. Good lines, good size, and good price ($90). I really want to get one (or two) of these and give it a gold makeover. Spray paint? Gold leaf?


Or the skinnier version for $50.

and I scored some large scale zebra print fabric. Thinking of reupholstering a Louis XVI style armchair in it. For project girl den. But it'll be my first try at reupholstering so my hopes are not too high.

In my dreams it appears as this:

But in reality I'll probably end up slaughtering the fabric, the chair, and a hand.

We'll see.

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