Sunday, July 14


Talked about this reno for 2 years.

Friday we DID IT!!!!!

New floors new floors new floors.

It is an engineered hardwood. We would have gone with a hardwood but we did not want to go through ripping up the tile in the main level. So we chose something that could be placed over top of it and be continuous everywhere else! (not to mention the cost of removing tile is horrendous. no one wants to do it)

We are stoked!

Tomorrow I start installing a Back to School window display.
It's nuts how the months fly by.

Sunday, June 16

Happy Dads day!

Special shout out to my Dad today. A builder, fixer, teacher and cheerleader.


Sunday, May 5


Moms day is May 12.
It'll rock, of course. but then the day after I start installing a Dads day window.
This is my brain on "dads day":

Saturday, May 4

Dog momma

 Meet Fiona.

She is our baby. We are the proudest dog parents EVA.

she likes to sit on people and she isn't the biggest fan of walking.
she likes cheese sometimes, and golden delicious apples.
she's 7 months old.

you can of course see more photos of her on my instagram.
because the only photos i post now are PHOTOS OF FIONA. 
suck it. 


I've been hoarding shipping pallets for my next window display.

Sunday, April 14

Moms day

I have a new window up at work.
It's a mothers day window 

 Monster tissue paper flowers are not all that easy to make.
and their stems are made of pool noodles.

Go tell your mom she looks hot today

Saturday, April 13

Project take-the-ikea-out-of-the-ikea

We needed storage space upstairs where the bedrooms are, and we needed skinny storage space (townhouse problems) I tried to find something I loved just the way it was, but nothing worked out. So we bought the Ikea Tarva

You ugly.

But easy to work with.

A trip to Home Depot is all it took.
Paint and knobs.

Goodbye ikea, smell you later.
Look at that delicious juicy color.
and the knobs. 
Yum, good.
Can't wait to fill you with linens etc.

Maybe I will make a post again soon when I've filled it with stuff and organized it real nice, and styled the top of it.

Sunday, March 17

Bunnies pooping in the forest while the birds watch


I want to take a nap in this magical woods filled with tiny creatures and fancy kitchenware.
 It took me forever to find mulch for sale... I guess it's the wrong time of year for it. I went hunting for the smaller branches myself in nearby parks.... which lead to me touching dog poop. Because my job is that glamorous. 

the wool birds are from here (and are currently for sale at Moss on the Danforth)


Now I need a Cadbury creme egg.

Saturday, March 16

The earth is fucking cool.

At the ROM here in Toronto.
Minerals and gems are the shit.I could stare all day.
The colors, the patterns, the textures...
they are crazy inspiring jumping off points for big ideas.
"I could create you a room based off that Rhodochrosite".
Oh, we saw some dino stuff too.... dinosaurs are o-k.

Saturday, March 2

tweet tweet

Installing an Easter window display next week.
I just want to eat peeps
 but I did do a bit of spring cleaning this morning. it feels GOOD.

Easter mood: