Saturday, June 25

all that glitters is gold

Ta da!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Saturday we started taking the carpet off both staircases. Now today, a week later, they are done! There's probably a couple of steps that should get another coat of stain, and I still need to hang some stuff in one stairwell, but I am pooped.

I really underestimated this project. But I am really really (really) happy with it.

(Yes, we originally decided on all white... then at the last minute (in the store picking out white paints) we started changing our minds. But I think if I did it again I would definitely do all glossy white... one color = so. much. easier.)

The whole project cost around 80 bucks... that includes stain, a can of paint, rollers & brushes, some booze (optional but highly suggested) and wood filler. This cost does not include an electric sander (you can rent or borrow!), sandpaper, carpet cutter, several pairs of pliers, and various tools.
There was a shit ton of staples. They were everywhere and multiplying.

What I would suggest to someone else thinking about doing this project:

- Yeah, take all the carpet off yourself. Fix everything up yourself. Fill the holes, sand, remove the millions of staples. Take your time and make them perfect. And then maybe hire a painter? Not that expensive... think about your sanity.

- Do it all yourself, but maybe invest in trim to paint, let dry, and add to the risers after, so you don't have to worry as much about painting perfect lines. THINK ABOUT YOUR SANITY.

- The staples never end. You will be pulling them out forever. About halfway through one staircase I had decided I had a "favorite" pair of pliers... just play around with a lot of different tools. Same goes for paintbrushes & rollers.

Our stairs:
Minwax Polyshades in Classic Black Satin
Behr "Frost"

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Jenn said...

I think the stain looks fabulous. Well worth the time spent.