Monday, May 23

shine on, balcony

So before tackling more important spaces, like my guest bathroom (which is an eyesore and makes me weep), I go ahead and get started on sparkling up the balcony. It has a pretty boring view, but it's a decent size and I really love spending time out there. Patio furniture is not something I have experience with, or really even care about. But I knew when I spotted this aluminum bistro set on craigslist for 50 bucks that I had to have it. Other listings read something like "$65.00 for one aluminum bistro chair" and "$200 for set", yet this guy thanked me for "actually showing up" because there had been a handful of no shows. Well, losers, I hope you're reading this. Eat my dust

It poured. and then the sun came out!!
(Can you spot the dying plant? Yes, dying plants are a theme around here. I am working on fixing it.)


And just to spice up this post, here is a visual of what I was up to this weekend:

Fireworks where everywhere in every direction all weekend. It made me feel how I imagine I would feel if this room was in my house (stupid happy). PURPLE!!! CEILING!!!!


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