Wednesday, June 29

Bedroom... go!

So in August it'll be a year of living in our home and a year of leaving the bedroom as justaplacetosleep. I've mostly just been focusing on the spaces that eeeeeveryone always sees, but I mostly just had no idea what to do in there. It's not very big, I guess it's just right for what we need in there. It does however have a beautiful giant window.

But today I finally stumbled onto a piece of inspiration that motivated me to decorate my bedroom.


White, airy, minimalistic. My favorite forever, and also great for the small space. Black window frames in a white room make me think of NYC apartments. Lofty. Plus, there's so much black throughout my home that it needs to be incorporated into the bedroom somehow.

Black glossy paint for the window frame!!

White bedding - check.
Modern frames - check.
Lighting - check.

The only cost should be on black glossy paint and some of this:

So the current lighting and frames will get a makeover.

I know I said that I wouldn't look at paint ever again after working my butt off on my stair renovation. But I guess I lied.

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