Saturday, June 11

Craigslist adventures (Toronto)

I probably check craigslist an unhealthy amount of times per day. I mostly look for dining chairs, just because I haven't been able to score them anywhere. I am fairly certain I will be checking craigslist for dining chairs until the day I die. In fact, I bet it will be the last thing I do before I die.

"Decorative Cabinet"
If you don't like this then you don't like cool things. $250

"Antique slipper chair"
$225. So many possibilities. Reupholster in something wild like RED VELVET. Or a royal blue velvet.

Vibe this guy:

So sexy.

I'd upholster in this:


this I guess:

Kravet Design

"Cast Iron Clawfoot tub"
100 bucks!!!! If I had room, it would be mine.

Today we are going to try to give our giant stupid ikea coffee table plastic surgery. Going to use the frame and give it a way cool new surface. Something I've been wanting to do, but especially now since my boyfriend smashed something on it and left a giant dent. I am totally thrilled it happened (actually).

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