Wednesday, June 8

Red hair Don't care

Wowza. Unfortunately my rockstar design skills do not stretch as far as web design, so this new blog header will have to do for the blog "makeover". Centering things on a web page is far more complicated than one would think. Up yours, internet.

NEW PROJECT BREWS. See the tragedy pictured above? That is our current situation, which poisons our living room, dining room, and kitchen. Why anyone would ever install a pinky ceramic tile anywhere will be another mystery to add to my list of mysteries (Why do men always leave kitchen cabinet doors open? Why do people go crazy for owl decor? Just to name a few). While it would bring me pure happiness to hammer that shit up, this is not a project for us. So while the whole situation currently floats somewhere between Home Depot, Lowes, or an independent contractor (Call me back call me back call me back), I am simply focusing on the fun stuff. Window shopping!

These are the results:

Are these my dream floors for our little home? Most fucking definitely!!!!!!!!!
Light, airy, wood grain deliciousness, simple, no funny stuff.

Does my significant other agree?
Will they still be loved in a few years?
Do they look too "unfinished"?

Others up for discussion:

Terribly glossy white? CORK?!?!!!

To be continued (Hopefully sooner rather than later. But, you know)

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iblastoff said...

your sig other does agree! first pic of flooring looks great.