Wednesday, July 6


As IF there wasn't already enough of Tumblr, Pinterest & Twitter, I've thrown Instagram on to the list. I usually stink at blogging, I disappear for long periods of time and come back with not-much (See: this blog post). But you'll always find me in some corner, hoarding images and ideas I love. Add me to instagram! (sarah_v is my username.)

I love instagram a whole bunch, by the way. Probably due to the years and years I spent obsessing over toy cameras and dishing out too much money, film & developing costs suck butt. (I wish I'd get myself into less expensive hobbies). Instagram is an instaboner for my photography brains. Thumbs up to the internet, and the people who invent things that look like things I love, but aren't. (I will keep my collection of lomo cameras at the back of my closet forever)

(That last one is my bedroom, that's now fully painted, I'm just figuring out things to hang & things to toss before revealing here.)

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