Thursday, July 14


Part A.
Things I wanted but didn't get:

This crazy pendant.

This crazy stuff.

Part B.
Things I wanted and took home with me:

Giant lamp shade. Black, and velvety. Black + velvet = mine. $1.99, hell yeah!!!!! I'd been wanting to replace one in the living room, and this is perfect.

Copper tray. Just because.

Vase. Boring. but it's this nice olive color that I have trouble saying no to.

A giant glass jug. Also $1.99 boo yeah. Want to vibe this:

Also a couple of months ago I was out of town visiting my parents & picked up this chair for 20 bucks. When they came to visit moi this past weekend they brought it with them! (I will buy a truck. I will buy a truck. I will buy a truck)

It glows.

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