Wednesday, August 17

color & spikes

Etsy/Beautifully colored abstract

I am constantly on the lookout for bold colored pieces of art. Due to all the blacks/whites/greys I insist on using in my home, art is one of the easiest way for me to liven things up. and also easily switch things around. I love the color combo in this one.

These are like the Frankenstein of everything that is cool and badass. Rhinestones, neon rhinestones, friendship bracelets, gems. Need one on my wrist, asap. Where would I wear it? EVERYWHERE.

Etsy/Spiked friendship bracelets

The return of the friendship bracelets. I couldn't get into the trend (this time)... but this version I can definitely get into. These blow my mind. I almost didn't post them at all, awesome things like this I always want to keep to myself. YOU'RE WELCOME.

Cassandra LA/ Thorn evening bag

A more grown up version of my love for spiked items?

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