Monday, August 1

"Skyrocket red"

That's me trying to figure out if I like a red-red or an orangy-red and getting stared at by neighbors. (Leaning towards orangy-red, fyi)
Currently our front door is a boring green color that I hate. AND I think it's almost the foyers turn when it comes to spaces-we-still-need-to-decorate (basement/work space is up first actually, big fun plans I've been drawing up, post about that later though). So I think a totally red door is a good place to start on decorating the foyer... yes? Maybe a fresh coat of white paint down there. & a glamorous inyourface mirror. (Talks of repainting the foyer tile too (black? white&grey checkerboard style?), but I'm still humming over that one)

This could totally be a mirrored version of our entrance. Sadly no pretty decorative transom window here though, thumbs down.

Oh, god, every time I look at this photo I damn my townhouse to hell forever. I'd paint my entire exterior grey so. fast. if it wasn't connected to an entire row of... more homes. That color combo is so good.

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