Tuesday, September 20


Crazy important updates for you!!! Just kidding, more like cellphone photo dump.

My home needed more glam... made some art & then spray painted a black frame gold.

I went to the Textile Museum of Canada. It was super cool... I LOVE just getting out to simply look at things. Just look. Do nothing and just SEE things. Who has time for that? Nobody. So this was kind of cool. I need to go to more museums.

I stood in front of a Suzani for a long time:

I need it.

I also went to Christie Antiques Market a couple of weekends ago and spent 4 entire hours there and left with nothing. Nothing but a sunburn, god dammit. But I'm totally going to the one in May. I don't give up that easily.

I did see some really good looking things. I want a library card chest. Bad.

Back to the drafting board. Send liquor.

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