Wednesday, September 7

Vignette Vortex

This week it was back to full-time classes again for one last year and it is kicking. my. ass. I'm glad I have Christie Antique Market to look forward to this Saturday... I've never been. There's all sorts of things the house could still use (always. all the time)

Still humming over a dining table bench, in some fun fabric

I think it's supposed to be grass but makes me think of bananas.

WOAH!!! Settle down, Fun.

Fun times.

I don't think the entire blog world has blogged and REBLOGGED Farrow and Cobb yet (I try not to be a robot) so, have you guys SEEN THIS (you would have sooner or later... so good)

If you go through their portfolio you'll quickly see that everything is absolutely wonderful but that vignette totally took my breath away. It's so crazy how the smallest things can speak to you, right? It is like everything I've ever thought about in my own home but have never gotten it quite right. Those colors, those patterns, that wood, THOSE COLORS. That little peek at the animal skin chair seat. Holy smokes. That vignette is a vortex and I keep getting sucked in. Love love love.

Here is a better photo of THE lamp by the way

We love eachother.

Hopefully next post will be stuffed full of the good shit. But you know how it is.

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