Wednesday, December 21


Home at my parents place for the holidays. This means I have lots of time to:

watch squirrels and birds fight on our back deck.
online shop.

This morning it is online shopping....

I already found an amazeballs giant piece of fabric at a thrift store a few weeks back that I've been meaning to frame. Framing fabric and scarves are a super cheap fantastic way to cover empty wall space... which I have a ton of. Empty wall space, that is.





Two of these are my absolute favorite of all but I think I am going to have to only allow myself one. Boo... but they are all generally under 100 bucks! So good for amazing art.

link / link / link / link /

Oh and this one? Price makes me cry. Whoever gets this is a fucker.

INSANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mind. blown.


Don't buy them all. I need one. I mean it. I will kick your ass.

and oh yeah, this?

Just a peak at the vintage library card cabinet my sweetheart of a boyfriend scored on ebay for 50 bucks. A STEAL. It is a great size.... big enough for our space but not too big. It doesn't have a table or base of any kind... I am thinking of ways to give it about 6 more inches of height without making it look awkward.... I am thinking castors?

Later gators... be merry

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