Thursday, April 12

Pillow talk

I've wanted a giant spooky portrait for as long as I can remember.
and by that I mean for 3-4 years now. But still. 

All have been ugly or dumb but mostly just too pricey.

Then the other day I stumbled upon this in a nearby thrift store

My boyfriend loves him, I love him, win win.

It was only 30 bucks which is a stupid annoying price for the thrift store I found it in but overall it was an AWESOME price. It is also a great size ... don't let the photo fool you. It's 3x2 which I know isn't that big but for my teeny tiny bedroom it is BIG. 

So I made up a wee mood board. A few of them.

Right now we have a boring ikea malm bed which works just fine so instead of replacing it I am going to hack it. A hybrid of this and this. I am totally up for the DIY challenge. Upholstered in linen.
Those aren't our current sconces, but really similar. 
The walls will be painted glossy black-ish.
Ikea RAST nightstand hack. (Currently don't have nightstands. You're right, we are animals)


 Sassy red velvet lumbar pillows.
I love this combination because it's fancy and gender neutral. Not that I give a hoot if my boyfriend thinks our room is too girly... but sometimes I try to be fair. But now that I keep looking at this one it feels too masculine. but not enough to bother me.

I feel like Bates would approve

And since my bedroom is approximately the size of a can of tuna, I'm going to add fun with pillows. 
and I am one of those weirdos that makes the bed in the morning so no fear of it ever looking not perfect

Carrying on...


Isn't that polka dot pillow ever so sweet? I love all of this.

 This one here is for the "pillows are dumb, show me the orange campaign nightstands" people.

We've lived in this house for nearly 2 years now and the bedroom has been neglected big time.
Finding this portrait was a total inspirational kick in the ass.
Piece of cake. Challenge accepted. Bring it on.

(Easier said than done)

There. an entire post about pillows.  
and now everyone will know my room is secretly just a bunch of dumb tricked out ikea furniture.

Suck it.

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