Sunday, August 12

Shit got done

This weekend was the weekend of getting shit done.

Exhibit A:
Project Living Room Makeover. In my own house. This is big news because when it comes to my own decorating I am a big procrastinator. It all started as a little moodboard in photoshop a couple of months ago, inspired by a cottage in the Hamptons. and Anna Spiro.
I slowly purchased pillows on etsy, bought a new rug, and then this weekend I tied it all together with a new sofa. I may do things backwards.


One more piece of art to hang.

The orange linen pillows are from here,
the ikat lumbar pillow is the love of my life and was made by these lovely ladies.
Striped lumbar is Ralph Lauren from Winners.
Throw is from Winners (god bless Winners).
The jute rug and the sofa are from Ikea. 

It's sophisticated but still fun, and kind of quirky. It's totally me. 
It may not translate 100% in the photos but it feels like a beach house in here now.
I am re-laxed. 

 In other news we now have a hand-knotted Turkish rug for sale as well as a spooky black tufted loveseat.
Change... it's good.

Full photos to come when I finish styling the new shelving I have cropped out from the left.
and I have Hermes gift boxes in the mail. For "shelf storage", and no, I will not admit to how much I paid for empty boxes.

Exhibit B:
We booked flights to NYC and a little mini vacation in Williamsburg in October. It'll be my 2nd time in NYC and an itch I've had ever since being there a year ago. It will also be our 4 year anniversary. 

Fist pump.

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