Wednesday, May 18

one kidney for sale (or trade for beautiful lamp)

arm lamp arm lamp arm lamp.

I am one of those unlucky people in life that has one of those awkwardly shaped great rooms that leave you roughly about 1 single option for furniture placements. It ruins my life and brings me great pain. everyday. Also, previous owners have set up ceiling light in the most random spot. It is not over our dining table. at all. I don't think it was ever centered over anything ever. and I have no idea how to re-position it or rip more holes. and I love being handy and getting dirty and all that, but now I am pretty stuck on the idea of an arm lamp over the dining table. and I can't. stop. thinking. about it. (The kind I can just attach to the wall in appropriate place, and plug into outlet directly underneath, smack dab center of dining table. voila, harry potter magical.)

This guy is perfect. It costs a ton. How much does a kidney go for?

Oh man, how did that get in here? I want to devour many. Under the light of a beautiful lamp.

These have a price tag I can work with (Sort of, ha!). And brass. How perfect would it be over my stainless steel table? Yeah, pretty perfect.Stainless steel and brass is a pairing lately I am loving and if you hate brass you are a weirdo. (I do love me that black lamp though)
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See what I am getting at?

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