Monday, May 16

stainless steel dreams

A FEW THINGS!!!!!! Went into Ikea even though I did not want to, but I'm glad I did, because in that little circus of fun some call the "as-is" section we found a new dining table!!!!! It was a glorious price, and it's shiny and perfect for our wee little dining area, and completely polishes the room. While boyfriend was loading it all into the car, halfway through he locked the keys in the trunk and everything around me went white with rage. But that's another story. We eventually got it home and I danced around it in bliss (not actually. but almost)

Boyfriend had to pick up a frame for a new poster, so we decided to copy the table of perfection, and mirror the shiny goodness on the other side of the room (pretty far corner. trust me. we're not stainless steel junkies).

I repainted the big canvas that hangs over the couch, and I may be finally happy with it. It sits across from the black wall so it's a pleasant balance. It can also look really really frightening depending on how long you look at it for. Oh, and those are dieing tulips. They were super fabulous 2 days ago.

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