Friday, May 6

staircase to heaven

So. I did. not. one. thing. on. my. list. Actually, I did test out my carpet knife just to make sure it'll definitely fo sho without a single doubt assist me in killing the carpet on the stairs. We're good!!!! Now I am going to hitch a ride to hell (greyhound bus. For FIVE HOURS cry cry) but when I return I am 30000% prepared to get to work when I get back! (Tuesday)

Until then, I just wanted to note that I found myself on the Urban Outfitters website for the first time in fo-eva and after much thought and careful calculations these are the items I absolutely most definitely need in my life. That side table was made for my living room! I wonder how their furniture holds up?

I will leave you with an image of what my stairs will look like when I post again. Carpetless and magical!!!!! Ok, they won't be as nice, but now I'm humming over a similar wood stain. Solid.

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