Saturday, July 16

Blue brains

This is a STEAL for 200 bucks. I'm sort of a little mad I had to stumble across this during my craigslist rounds... nooooooo room. When it comes to beautiful things I can't really have, I'd just rather be kept in the dark, ok? I hope someone awesome jumps on this deal. and I hope they know what to do with it! Hi!!! Email me!
It is a beauty as is. I am in love with the shape of it and the detail, and would totally keep it as is. The possibilities are endless but I picture this sofa with black walls & brass accents, a dark sophisticated room (maybe even a little dusty yeah?) with marble floors. Tulip side tables? Wall to wall bookshelves? A game of chess? A cigar? A basset hound?

Now I have blue sofa brains.

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