Monday, July 18


Being a big ol coral brain today. coral coral coral coral.
Peachy, pinky, tangeriney. All of it. Sold.

That's my coral brains layed out as visually pleasing as possible for you. How visually pleasing is Acne Menswear SS2012? Yeah, yum.

And then me and my big coral brain skipped on over to our favorite place (1stdibs, hello). Then this happened:

Carpet: Elte

That coffee table is a little fugly, but some ADHD kicked in and suddenly putting pieces of tiny expensive furniture into tiny fake expensive room was hard work. Gave up. Could we take a second to admire a close up of that side table though?

Va va voom. Yum. (That's the only source link you get, ADHD ate the rest. But if you're sour about it just ask me for links, you big sour face)

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