Wednesday, July 20


Animals are HOT right now. Well, I guess they've always been hot. But lately I am noticing it more & more in interiors. and I am not hating it. I am a lover. Always have been. See below: some pieces from my own closet.


Generally everything I love in fashion, I love in interiors. But I must admit animal print is sort of scary for me to bring over into interiors. It can look real tacky real fast.

But I decided to play around with it. Here are 3 ideas I whipped up

(These guys are ROUGH)

Leopard print rug, yum. I picture this sort of thing working in an architecturally beautiful home with tons of character. If you threw this into my cookie cutter townhome it would look like a hookers drug den, true facts

Leopard print chair. I love throwing this animal print stuff in with a crazy pop of color. That orange campaign style desk is wild and needs to get into my world. ASAP.

Zebra print wallpaper, sort of scary. I think the lilac sofa tones it down a bit, especially with those awesome lime sconces. Sort of girly? Or maybe the whole space would look like the inside of a Forever 21? (Bad, bad)


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