Friday, July 29

Vibing Mathias Goeritz

Today I ate my weight in sushi and now I am just trying to keep myself busy, so I don't fall in to a coma forever. Hi blog.

So over here giant gold art was mentioned. I didn't think much of it at first, but later when I was thinking for the billionth time how fairly empty our walls are (STILL), it started haunting me.

Originally I wanted to go out and buy a giant canvas and paint that mofo gold. But that stuff is EXPENSIVE. (Especially the size I wanted. I am talking like minimum 6ft long, please). Then I thought I'd go to ikea and pick up one of their decently sized RIBBA frames for 35 bucks. But then I got there and realized I wasn't even 100% sure about this whole thing, so I just opted for a 13 dollar NYTTJA frame. You know, to test the waters. (As you can see, I was just being a big sissy about the whole thing)

I used gold paint that I had hanging around here, but it's from the dollar store.

Conclusion? I like. I like it a lot. I could do without the black frame. It also looks cool with some of the other gold-y stuff in this space

So hopefully someday soon there will be a new post presenting a bigger and more badass version of this one. (As soon as I get my act together and build a frame with all the scrap wood we have here. I am awesome at stretching canvas, forreals.)

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