Wednesday, August 24

Crazy talk

I love that when my summer and "freedom" is coming painfully close to ending, THAT is when my mind explodes with all these great house projects all at once. Murphys law follows me everywhere. Fuck you, murphy.

First up:

So we watched my boyfriend get some nice shelving for himself. Now I want some too. For the living room. I'd love to try the pipe and flange style but it's not really the best option for this room. Probably going to look at some shelving tracks. One thing is for sure I want the whole thing to look like one piece, not separate shelves.

What a beauty. I'm sure long black shelving tracks will be same effect, no? I kept asking my dad that when I was telling him about it, and he kept going "what EFFECT? You just want some SHELVES, right?". Dads. (I go to him for help with most projects around here though. THANKS dad!)

and then there is this:


Fancy trim work. Would look great in our bedroom. Couldn't be that hard, right?

and lastly:

Yeah, so what, I want to jump on the diy painted rug trend. Eat me. I just have to decide between the ikea MORUM or the ERSLEV. and yes, I want to do a chevron, eat me again. But I want it to look ikat-ish. I know, why do I torture myself like this?


Right? I still need that ring though. NEED.

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