Thursday, August 11

Little office

Sorry, this is where I fail you as a blogger and photographer extraordinaire. That's an iphone instagram shot of unstyled shelves... take it or leave it. Kapeesh?

This project was mainly done for my boyfriend and his "man cave". I totally love it too, I love organization and threatening him to "keep it clean now forever" or I will fuck. him. up. I probably won't get any use out of this, but I'm still happy we did it. I don't have a before shot of the situation (and I'm happy we don't, it was ugly!) but there was no shelving, just a looooong ikea MALM desk. Bo-ring!

What we used:

12 Ekby Valter Ikea brackets x $2.50
2 Vika Moliden Ikea legs x $15.00
3 6ft long pine shelving 12" deep x $9.00
1 6ft long pine shelving 16" deep x $12.00
Minwax wood stain in 'english chestnut'.

What you will need:

A stud finder. Lots of screws, different lengths depending if they're going into the drywall or simply into the table, etc. A handheld drill will help. A level!!!!!!!!! Measuring tape. Possibly some wall anchors, some washers.

That is where my inspiration came from. It is absolutely out of this world fabulous and all things magical. Simple, modern, clean.

Putting up shelves is probably theeasiestthingintheworld but this is the first time I'd done it and it was not as easy as I thought it would be. The studs in our wall were not evenly spaced. Fairly certain the wall is uneven. I also think the floor is a little uneven. My drill also sucks and has the same amount of energy as a baby sloth. and you probably can't tell, but the desk portion is attached to the wall with 3 brackets & 2 ikea legs at the front.

More stuff to cram them with... the stuff you see was mostly just thrown on there for a photo. Probably going to move our vintage cassette player down there as well as the huge collection of tapes. I also think layering some bigger pieces of white/cream pottery & vases would look GOOD.

This little set up was a great start for the basement, but we still have other things that will eventually have to be.. FIXED.... stacks of music equipment multiplying by the second:

Gross. Boys!

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iblastoff said...

i request better pictures of the shelves!