Monday, January 30


Good thing blogs don't have feelings. Mine would've punched me out by now for sure.
Disappearing act #9032909002022.

Instagram junkie... instagram photo dump:

IDS12 for me can be summed up in 1 word: "MEH". Except for these Elte rugs. Yum.

and these chairs upholstered in kilim. Died. Dead.

Designing a window display for a school project. COOLEST. That there be some outfit ideas for the window mannequins. I wish for the male to look like Chuck Bass. Slap me.

I know I said I give up on plants but I bought an orchid. It is doing suspiciously well. I pray for it daily. (I painted the pot. I'm fancy)

After many battles with Murphys law I fiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally framed and hung the Vogue covers. Bow before it.

15 ended up being too many and unnecessary. 12 is a good number.

Over and out

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Andrew Metrick from Elte said...

Hi there. My name's Andrew Metrick and I'm from Elte. Elte was actually started by my great grandfather so that makes my brother and I the fourth generation in the family business. I was looking around various blogs after the show to see what were the highlights (because I didn't get much of a chance to venture outside our booth) and I stumbled onto yours. So after seeing us on your site I really just wanted to thank you for featuring a photo from our booth at IDS this year! It means a lot to me. Anyway, I hope you had fun. We had an absolute blast. We actually uploaded photos from our booth on Facebook yesterday ( so check it out when you get the chance. Anyway, thanks again for stopping by the booth and I hope to see you at Elte sometime soon.