Saturday, January 14

The grind

The holidays ended and on our drive back to the city I took photos of (one of) my dream homes

A FARM. Minus the work. Mostly just the middle-of-nowhere and the beauty and animals. Minus the work. (I am still ironing out the details on this dream...)

Then I began my mini project I spoke about back in August. (Yeah, things are slow around here)

I ran (not walked) to Ikea when I heard about their 50% frames sale. I grabbed 15 Nyttja frames because I like the thickness of the frames and mostlybecausetheyarethecheapest. Then I started spraypainting them gold. and then I ran out of paint just before finishing.
I am going to restock on gold paint this weekend and fingers crossed... hang them.

and then this little 1950s leopard arrived in my mailbox from etsy seller kissavintagedesign

I could not be more thrilled with myself for spending money on a porcelain leopard. It makes me smile.

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