Wednesday, February 15

Rug dreams

On valentines day fedex rang my doorbell before I'd even left the house for the day (EARLY!)

Fedex wanted to give me this

Giant hand knotted persian. It's a fairytale.

Crazy reds and some pale pink and orange. Even some blue and yellow. Even FUCHSIA!!!! Fuck.

Basically every time you look at it you will discover a new color.

I love it. I love it to extraterrestrial life and back.


Jk. Thanks forever boyfriend!

It looks delicious with my new pillows I finally gave in and bought

Damn you Ikea

and my horse face framed in gold (not my face).

But now I hate that my coffee table hides the rug. I want the rug to be seen AT ALL TIMES and every inch of it. Also my coffee table is just bulky. So now I hunt for a glass coffee table. Or one of those acrylic peekaboo ones from cb2? But really I am envisioning more of a gold and glass coffee table.

and #NYFW

not much to say.

I like these

That's all. Until we meet again.

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