Sunday, April 1

Project girl den.

Project girl den is in the works.



"girl den" is small.

8 ft by 7 ft. Yep. Micro.

It also has a 5' long closet... which I can probably work into something great. Instead of it being just a closet, with boring sliding doors. Maybe something fabulous that looks more like built-in shelving. (Because I do need somewhere nice to put all my fabrics and books)

The other day while shopping for a project I shopped for me instead. I found this lamp:

Isn't it adorable?

it used to look like this

Some asshole had done a terrible white paint job on this lamp.

Of course it didn't have a partner. I never ever find lamps in pairs. Ever.
But this is great to use as a desk lamp in the girl den.

It needs a shade too. Maybe like this

I love.

(lamp: 7 dollars)

and then of course I shopped for me again.
I found a silk scarf that I ONLY picked up to look at because it had big flowers and parrots and a leopard.
and then I opened it up more to inspect and discovered it was a Hermes.

and I did a really fun awkward dance. It's true.. you can ask my boyfriend.

I've done some research and I think it's the real deal. But it may not be. But it's hard to say.
It's going to make a really amazing piece of art work in the girl den once I frame it.

Maybe the ikea besta desk in high gloss white.

Roman shade with black trim for the little window in there.

Upholster a desk chair to look like this fuzzy one from Pottery Barn kids? Yes? No? Grow up?


To be continued.
But don't hold your breathe.

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