Wednesday, March 21

Waterfall of lucite

So, we got a cool rug and then I immediately went into glass-coffee-table-hunt mode.

I love that when you're searching for something you can't ever find it but back when you didn't care about it that shit was EVERYWHERE.

Except a glass coffee table popped up on craigslist and it was basically free (20 dollars).

It wasn't really what I wanted. But then again what I want changes all the time because I am a crackhead. Just kidding... I'm not, but I am schizo. So for 20 dollas I took the coffee table home because I felt like I had nothing to lose. Also because I had just seen the exact same table in the new lonnymag.


Cool beans.

It's a fun coffee table. It's in great shape.

No, my sofa isn't rotting, it's just from ikea. Nobody look.

Also, bigger and better art is being worked on.

I think ideally I want a lucite waterfall coffee table up in here

but we all know that one won't happen for 20 dollars.

Later taters... the sun is shining and it's hot and I need to drink a beer at the beach in a polka dot dress.

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