Wednesday, May 23

Crafty delay

Well... I ended up being computerless for a bit but now I'm back with a shiny new big girl computer.

Best computer I have ever had! 

But now I feel like I don't know how to do anything. So, love and hate happening at the exact same time.

But in the mean time I did get sort of productive on a smaller scale

Can't afford a DVF rug ever? Make your own version to look at.

The other painting I was trying to do just wasn't working. I made this instead (On the left. Obviously). It is a billion times better than what I was trying to do. Plus the green is really great for the office.

That leopard has many, many spots. and I painted them all.

I made some mouse pads! I used fabric remnants from previous projects and cork hot pads from the dollar store.

Made from a styrofoam ball, wooden skewers and gold spray paint. and a bit of black spray paint... I think I was trying to make it a little ombre.
I made it so it can sit flat, on a stack of books maybe. Or maybe I'll make more in varying sizes and hang them on the wall.
Or place them on chairs around the house and hope people will blindly sit on them.
Who knows... anything goes.

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