Sunday, May 13


A brief time out from house stuff.
My brain is heating up and also sometimes I don't care what my house looks like at all.
Just sometimes. 

Some things I do care about

 I care about this A LOT. The colors in this shot are really good.
Electric blue, a nice grey, touch of pink, and of course... gold.

This. So good.

This being having some beverages and gardening on my little balcony.
Note: I know nothing about gardening. but it was fun, and my hands are dirty.

This too. Mostly just the dresser, it's fancy hardware and trim. and the hat. Especially the hat.

my professional website/portfolio.
which was one of those things where I was like
"oh yeah- whip a website up in 48 hours no problem at all!"
but really it has taken a week.
but is about an inch away from being completed. and I'm super proud of it!

sneak peek:

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