Friday, May 4

Project masterpiece

About to get down to business with a large blank canvas.
It's been a long time since I did this. Attempting to create something pretty for Project Girl Den.


I made my canvas... it's 2.5ft x 5ft
It cost me 2 dollars. A trip to Home Depot for wood, and an old bed sheet.

You'll need a staple gun too. (and nails and a hammer)

2 dollars people.

Look at canvas prices at Curry's and DeSerres and make your best snooty face. I do.

(Anyone that tells you this homemade canvas/bedsheet method sucks is wrong.
I've been using them for years. and depending on how crappy your bedsheet may be, it will add texture to your painting. Which is the absolute best.)

I'm painting something that looks like a fashion illustration. A contour drawing... sort of sketchy. I am thinking no colour, and if I stick with that, then by "no colour" I mean lots of creams, greys, and visible brush strokes.

This is my inspiration:

Jay Hyde Crawford
Carl Erickson
Kenneth Paul Block

Until next time,

yours truly,


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