Monday, May 7


Hit up Craigslist.
But the Buffalo/Syracuse area... was thinking of taking a mini roadtrip away with the boyfriend/hit up some flea markets and also trying to score any fancy stuff in that area via Craigslist.
Then realized I'm not sure how it would go trying to come back over the boarder with large pieces of furniture? 

Oh well.

This is some shit I want

Sofa table. $150
It's skinny and long... perfect for my upstairs hallway. Also good for a foyer.
Or maybe in a bedroom if you need a nice little spot for your computer.
Do this

Thinking of DIYing an urchin chandelier for my office. and who doesn't love a poodle statue? Maybe satan.
(and now I am not totally sure what I meant by "moss cup" but you know what I meant)

Pretty dresser. $275 price negotiable. 
The hardware on it is so good. 
The wood is also good. But that is a lot of wood... so I would paint it 

Or Farrow & Ball Hague Blue

and use it as a tv dresser/media/storage. Like this:

just whatever you do leave the hardware the way it is.
It's beautiful and if you screw it up you will burn in hell for 12 consecutive eternities.

Neat chairs. Brass detailing. $50 each
I wish there were more.

I keep going between "they are ugly" and "they are cool"
also.. they are a persian rug for your butt. 
But if you really hate the fabric it's an easy switch

Paint them glossy black and redo cushion in this

or leave the chairs white and do a faux ostrich. in hermes orange

then it's a hermes bag for your butt.


Will return with project girl den progress.
Sneak peek:

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