Monday, August 15

Dive in

SKYROCKET RED did not let me down! I'm sorry I didn't paint the front door sooner... what. a. difference. It's so much more fun going down to the foyer now. My favorite part is walking inside and the red in your face with the black & white pattern of the steps behind it. Goooooood combo.

FUN! But not the most perfect photo of the actual color. This one is:

I can't believe my boyfriend almost talked me out of painting the interior side as well... good thing I don't listen to him! The foyer is small and was very lifeless, and now it is on FIRE. And so am I.. the list of things I want to do to the entrance has multiplied. Just off the top of my head:

- New house numbers. All the modern ones that I want online are stupidly priced. But I think we might have a few diy tricks up our sleeve for this one...
- There's already a built in wooden ledge down there and a wooden shoe chest/cabinet thingy and I want to sand them and re-stain them to something darker. Like this wood you can spy in this photo. Yes, I am totally copycatting that entrance.
- New fun wall hooks for keys and other miscellaneous.
- New ceiling fixture. The current one was here when we bought the house and let me tell you it is STANDARD with a capital S.


Thrifted material that I would have lost sleep over if I didn't take it home with me. I might use it to create a masterpiece (or two) or it might just sit in the back of my closet forever. TO BE CONTINUED.

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