Monday, August 8

Hipster vampire

So, as previously mentioned we've been hard at work making the basement sorta fancy. The basement is a wall of built-in storage & nice drawers and a murphy bed for guests and on the other side of that is an "office". In an effort to make the "office" as organized but unobtrusive as possible I drew up a few plans for a shelving/desk combo. I will write a much longer post on this when I've got it looking pretty, but for now I am PLEASED:

Haven't even started styling them yet and I'm already drawing up more plans for this in the living room, sans desk!

Also, can we talk about Bills redecorated pad in True Blood this season?

Oh you fancy huh, bill

Shitty sissy vampire has good taste in wallpaper.

Black black black black black black black RED RUG.

Something tells me that is not a Franz Kline, but wants to be.

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