Thursday, August 11


I know, I should totally be posting photos of the new shelving/desk office but the only ones I have are iphone shots that make the space look like a dungeon. So you'll have to wait! In the meantime I have ripped 15 pages out of an old Vogue cover book I found in a thrift store long ago and I am EXCITED. Mini fun project. They are pieces of art, and they will be hung up in my home.

C'est magnifique! I was thinking about black frames, no matting, but then I saw this. Fancy shmancy. Now I am on the hunt for 15 gold frames that won't make my bank account grumpy. I have yet to decide on a home for this project, but I'm leaning towards the upstairs hallway as it is currently naked. We are also painting the front door red tomorrow... please stay wonderful, weather.

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