Tuesday, May 8

Bless this rug

Started the process of turning our 2nd bedroom into an office about a month ago. I don't know if it's because the room is so dang small or if it's just been sheer luck but it'll probably be the first room in the house to be "completed". (we've lived here almost 2 years).

 The painting I started a couple of days ago, and am only 90% happy with so all you get is a close up shot:

Moving right along

Wanted the Ikea besta desk in glossy white from the start, but couldn't let myself spend 300 bucks on a desk. Had multiple trips to Home Depot to try to figure out wood and measurements in an attempt to build our own.
Still sort of pricey and a fear of it falling apart in a year. Depressed but still not willing to drop the cash at Ikea.

Then my boyfriend found an ikea besta desk on Craigslist. The ONLY one up on our Craigslist. Only catch was it was assembled... so we brought a bag of tools with us and took the legs off so that it could fit in the Honda Civic. Worth it. It's in perfect condition and we got it for $200.. much friendlier price. 

Chairs. Despite the names I have called the ghost chairs and all my poking fun I realized they would be super for this little room. They take up zero visual weight not to mention their whimsyness.. definite yes. Scored a pair for $250 on Craigslist.

On the way home from picking up the chairs we had to run into Walmart quickly. Spotted a rug from like 42 feet away and nothing else mattered as I practically ran to it. 

Now, like every other blogger I froth at the mouth at the thought of owning a Moroccan beni rug. But even the knock offs are generally too pricey and some even kind of ugly. But what caught my eye in Walmart was definitely not ugly.

a 5x7 beni knock off, all soft and fluffy complete with a perfectly "imperfect" diamond pattern.

for $99.

Did I mention it was the last one left?

Come. to. mama.

 It's a Korhani rug.... and you can find one for yourself if you hit up their website, where you can then search for a Walmart near you that carries them. (It's called "ornate lines")

(the painting before I really began it)

Walmart... who knew.

and so now we really only have the shelving left to tackle, which I think will complete this room.
Yep, a big black abyss.

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